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Art deco’s technical team is specialized in studying, designing, managing and certifying projects for the service sector. Our team consists of senior engineers, technical engineers, architects and technical architects, which allows us to undertake any type of project (with total guarantee).

We do undertake projects nationwide and also offer consulting for our customer`s international projects. For these projects, we collaborate with local partners.

Our innovative mentality has a clear objective: to enable our customer`s businesses to grow.

Our work on projects is divided into two key areas:

Technical project:

  • Report
  • Technical calculations
  • Technical plans
  • Budgets

With this technical documentation, meeting (health and building) code specifics of the facilities can already be proceeded by presenting it to the relevant administration.

After requesting the legal permits of the facilities, the corresponding licenses can be provided.

Project Management:

  • Planning
  • Suppliers
  • Timing/scheduling
  • Supervising
  • Visits
  • Reports
  • Budget control
  • Project closure

​These two areas are independent from each other and as a result, it is possible to task ARTDECO with only one of them. Nevertheless, we recommend realizing both proceedings in every project so that the customer only has to worry about signing the authorizing documents and requests, forgetting about potential problems that might come up during the project realization and its legalization​