The way

We create spaces that stimulate people, which connect with them and thus build customer loyalty. This is why we take a holistic approach when designing projects; every single element is part of the puzzle and has its meaning. Artdeco covers all processes within the value chain from the creation until project completion. Our projects are always ad-hoc.

We are backed by more than 1000 realized projects.

Our projects are always ad-hoc and our expertise is backed by more than 1000 realized projects.


Creating spaces, “building” experiences

In the “contract” projects, we capitalize on all our knowledge and experience. These are the projects that motivate us the most, because the whole team gets together in order to create concepts that generate experiences and fulfil their function.


Design is part of our DNA, we are completely aware that a project stems from a great design. To this end, we first meet the customer and gather as much information as possible.

It is crucial that the customer takes part in defining the project, because at the end of the day it is his or her company. We make suggestions and the customer decides.

For us, the design has to reflect the company’s core values and its philosophy.
Overall, this is what we refer to as “THE CONCEPT”.

We develop the design based on 5 vertices:

  • Customer Briefing
  • Definition
  • Functionality
  • Investment
  • Legislation


This Design project was carried out for AXA. In this project, we have prioritized “the implementation” of AXA’s logo and the customer usability. This is why we decided – after having analysed the company’s corporate identity – to design this office around AXA’S logo and its colours.

We used the red line of their logo to project a red beam on the ceiling to hide the technical installations. The final result is a translucent place: bright, cheerful and harmonic. This workplace generates a positive working environment and makes an impression on AXA’s clients.


Design of an exhibition panel for a children’s product line under the brand “patchwork”. Our aim was to create an easily recognizable element for the salesroom of any shop, whether standing alone in the middle of a room or along a wall. Therefore we designed an exhibition piece with baby photos, spaces for the cloths and kits as well as samples of works presented with the cloths on display to (further) personalize the showroom case.


Designing an showroom case for a line of perfumes. The exhibition piece itself converts into an additional packaging element, perfectly fulfilling its mission: attracting and convincing potential customers, protecting the integrity of its interior, and also transmitting the brand’s values.

Attitude, reflection, responsibility. Sustainable spaces.

Smart Project is the evolution and constant pursuit of excellence in our work. In this line we apply our work methodology and expertise in technology, nanotechnology, sustainability and ecology in order to create spaces that are safer, more hygienic, more efficient and better managed.

These solutions allow us to create value for our customers and satisfaction for the consumers when they realize that they invest in concepts that protect our environment and ourselves. We realize these projects for the entire service sector.

We work in 4 fields


Products modified by nanotechnology in order to obtain different attributes (like asepsis, anti-allergic, efficient, stain-resistant surfaces, etc.)


This allows us to create spaces that contribute to their social and natural environment. To this end, we design and plan our projects from a social, economical and environmental perspective.


By implementing automation in the tertiary sector, we are able to save energy, lower the costs, improve the security and user-experience.


The market offers a multitude of ecological or recycled materials, which we propose to use in our projects