Who We are

Artdeco’s team consists of diversely trained multi-talented expert team with extensive experience in design, technical projects and their realization in the service sector. We capitalize on our know-how, expertise and research to provide a comprehensive service to our customers.

Since the beginning, we have been offering innovative designs, solutions and services to our customers. We are aware of the challenges that come with a globalized market and to us; the only way to endure over time is to be constantly evolving.

Desde nuestros inicios hemos apostado por ofrecer diseños, soluciones y servicios innovadores a nuestros clientes. Somos conscientes que ante un mercado globalizado como el actual, la única forma de perdurar en el tiempo, es estar en constante evolución.


Create spaces that unify functional, aesthetic and operative elements.


Make the spaces create an added value for our customers

We work as part of our customer’s organization
We take care of our environment and people
We feel passionate about our work and we transmit this passion to customers and suppliers
Committed to well executed project and our environment
Essential for the creation of new spaces
We do not like surprises, not for us nor for our customers. Trust is crucial in our work.
We adapt to our customers situation and needs
We are self-critical. When closing a project, we always conduct internal quality audits.

Economy of common good

The economy of common good is a new economic system that aims for a really sustainable economy. This system promotes the implementation of the “balance of the common good” as a new indicator to measure economical, social and environmental impact of the organizations.

ARTDECO is registered as company of the common good since 2018.